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Formerly known as the ASEAN Heroes project (2015), Open Skills is now an online hub empowering young people to hone their skills, build networks, and find Tutor | Coach and sponsors to turn their dreams into reality.

Sven Mauleon

Cofounder - OpenmindProjects


A gap exists between those with and without access to good education.
  • Around 3 million people of Thailand’s disabled population never had any formal education. Only around 24% of those above 15 years reported having employment and 18% reported being able to work but unemployed.
  • Young people from poor regions – such as Isan in Northeast Thailand, where OMP is based – have limited access to good schools. Resources in village schools are scarce, and teaching techniques outdated. As a result, these young people must find low paid jobs in factories and tourism. 

Our solution:​

OMP wants to bridge the gap where support is needed most: in rural areas.
We are creating this platform ( to promote learning and empower young people in Southeast Asia. An online platform for young students to present themselves and their skills, grow their network and reputation, and reach out to sponsors. The vision is for students to acquire and enhance skills in a game-based environment, making it motivating and exciting. The platform is an open resource and freely accessible, together with documents and media useful for learning.

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